Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Jesus was anointed with the oil of joy above His brothers and He has given that same joy to us. Come find inspiration to refresh your heart and stir your joy.

Bad Eggs – Cartoon

Among all the really bad eggs out there, Nick was the hardest boiled.

Bad Breath Choir – Cartoon

A.J. was new to the choir and he did not know that having brushed teeth was optional.

Backpack – Cartoon

As he stepped off the plane, Dan's eyes noticed his backpack...which looked an awful lot like his parachute.

5 Second Rule – Cartoon

Even if it's a soggy Cheerio, germs always respect the 5-second rule.

15/16th Little Brother – Cartoon

Alright, kids. Where is your 15/16th little brother?

3 Aces – Cartoon

Slim knew Fred had "3 aces". But what else was he holding?

X Marks the Spot – Cartoon

"X marks the spot." But it was the square root of 7 that had old Peg Leg Bill a bit bewildered.

Head in the Sand – Cartoon

He who always sticks his head in the sand when trouble comes around, may not find it again so easily later on.

Fast With Dignity – Cartoon

It was time to conclude the church-wide fast. But "how to do it with dignity" was the question Pastor Williams felt slipping away. Whenever you fast,...

Face the Music – Cartoon

George suffered from performance anxiety because he never learned to face the music. For I confess my iniquity; I am full of anxiety because of...

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