Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Peace: Finding God’s Complete Rest for Your Life

It's a search that drives men and nations to great extremes -- the search for peace. So much of our time, energy and resources are consumed with trying to find and keep peace with family members, friends and neighbors. But often, no matter how hard we try, peace eludes us. The war in our minds and hearts rages on and on. Where can we find peace?

Finding Peace in times of distress

When the hour is dark, when the situation is desperate, when we are humbled and brought very low, we finally begin looking and longing...

So much to do, so little time

When we trust God to guide us, He, too, can diffuse our anxieties by giving us clear guidance. Here's why we so often give in to worry and what we can do to change our response.

Is Your Silence Golden?

I’ve noticed how many of us find it hard to simply quiet ourselves down — I mean, really shut down all the external voices, demands, and impulses that compel us to keep in motion all the spinning plates of thoughts and reasonings.

Peace, Where Did I Leave You?

Sometimes we wish for things to change but are unwilling to do what it takes to make things better.

Learning to be Led by God’s Peace

You can expect peace and joy to become a part of your daily life when you are a Christian - but just like all the other benefits of the kingdom of God, these attributes come at a price.

The Way You Want to Live: 7 Habits of a Godly Life

by Charles Stanley What is a godly life, and how is it achieved? These are important questions because as believers, we are called to live...

8 Reasons God Allows Storms

We all experience storms in our lives—those occasions that bring pain, suffering, or loss. It’s in turbulent times that all sorts of questions come...

Finding Peace in Times of Distress

by Kay Arthur When the hour is dark, when the situation is desperate, when we are humbled and brought very low, we finally begin looking...

God’s Invading Grace

It is a very instructive vignette in the life of Jesus and his disciples, recorded for us in Mark 6:45–52. Jesus has sent his disciples across the Sea of Galilee to Bethsaida. They have encountered an impossible headwind and angry seas. If you look at the time clues in the larger passage, you can see they have been rowing for about eight hours. They are in a situation that seems impossible, exhausting, frustrating, and potentially dangerous. They are far beyond their strength and ability.


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