Friday, July 10, 2020
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Do you need to be inspired and picked up? Jesus has given us hope! Come and find articles, testimonies and encouragement today.

We Are Saved

This complete salvation is accompanied by a holy calling.

How to Experience the Hope You Have in Christ

Having intimacy with Jesus is key to moving from hope that we possess to hope that we actually experience. 

The Moments That Sustain Us

Unless we have a purposeful focus, joy can fade and hope may seem unattainable.

A Living Hope

Hope is a belief or expectation that something will happen. If it doesn’t, we may experience discouragement, depression, or even despair.

Why God Closes Doors

A blocked opportunity can be a useful tool for teaching. God wants to mold us into His image, and He can use anything—including something...


Visionaries are people who see the big picture and are not afraid of change. They don't hold back, refusing to leave their comfort zones. Those...

How to Lift People Up

Encouragement, you see, is you being who God has made you to be so that others can be who He designed them to be.

Remember God’s Goodness

Friend, God can take a mess and make a miracle if you put your hope in Him.

Hope Despite a Changing World

This changing world can be a scary place—especially for people who trust in themselves. But those who trust in God can have hope and confidence because even in a chaotic environment, He is the one constant.

Pain and Hope in the Bible

Pain and Hope in the Bible

In the midst of our pain we may feel alone and believe that no one has hurt as badly as we hurt. But it isn’t true. Jesus Christ has felt such pain; indeed, he has felt pain that would have destroyed us. He is able to sympathize.


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