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Do you need to be inspired and picked up? Jesus has given us hope! Come and find articles, testimonies and encouragement today.

Pain and Hope in the Bible

Pain and Hope in the Bible

In the midst of our pain we may feel alone and believe that no one has hurt as badly as we hurt. But it isn’t true. Jesus Christ has felt such pain; indeed, he has felt pain that would have destroyed us. He is able to sympathize.

Hope for the Despairing Heart

Hope for the Despairing Heart

The gospel saved me. “That’s elementary,” you might be thinking. Yes, the gospel, the truths of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, appropriated by faith, have...
Pain and Hope in the Bible

Pain and Hope in the Bible

Where is the hope in Psalm 88? Didn’t Paul say in Romans 15:4, “For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction,...

Don’t Give Up When Times Get Tough

Faithful people keep on keeping on when other people choose to give up. Faithful people are diligent and determined. They are persistent. They change their perspective and focus on God’s promises in his Word.

Our Unchangeable God

God remains the one enduring and unalterable source of life and every perfect gift. His steadfastness offers comfort amidst the transiency and unpredictability of life. Those who trust in Him can look on tomorrow with confidence, knowing His promises endure.

Count Your Blessings

A couple of years ago, I did something interesting. As the year began, I made a resolution to be thankful every single day of the year. I have to say the results were amazing! You see, gratitude changes our perspective and outlook on life. It’s impossible to be thankful and negative at the same time! When we choose to give thanks to God for the blessings in our lives, we are literally ushering ourselves into His presence. It fills our hearts with peace, joy, and hope.

Hope Despite a Changing World

This changing world can be a scary place—especially for people who trust in themselves. But those who trust in God can have hope and confidence because even in a chaotic environment, He is the one constant.

Our Hope for Change

When we get to know God—really know Him—it fills us with hope and confidence because we realize He’s greater than any situation we will ever encounter. Understanding God’s character and incredible love for us allows us to relax and trust Him in every area of our lives.

Remember God’s Goodness

Friend, God can take a mess and make a miracle if you put your hope in Him.

God is Calling You to Be a Prisoner of Hope

| by Joyce Meyer God is good. And He has a good plan for each of our lives. No matter what may be going on...

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