Nobody brags about weaknesses. In a culture where independence, physical fitness, and self-sufficiency are highly valued, we try hard to hide any inadequacy or limitation. We want to appear competent and capable of handling whatever comes our way.

But self-reliance is not highly valued by the Lord. Salvation itself requires that we humble ourselves, admit we are helpless sinners, and come empty-handed to Jesus Christ, relying on Him to save us. Even in the church, we are called to share our struggles, confess our sins to one another, and pray for each other.

Weakness is our friend, not an enemy. Human pride is a potent force, which must be uprooted. And weakness is often the tool God uses. In Paul’s life, it was a “thorn in the flesh”; in ours, it might be illness, aging, financial need, or anything else that brings us to our knees. But what a good place this is—kneeling before God, asking for His help.

Everyone has a certain amount of fortitude, but human capacity can carry a person only so far. Some situations sap every drop of energy we have and demand still more. When we can’t take another step, Christ will carry us through.

Our weakness brings us to a place of humility and lets God demonstrate His power in us. Only then do we find the energy, courage, and peace we need to go on living for His glory. He will empower us not only to endure the ordeal but also to go through it with inexplicable gladness.

Originally posted at InTouch.